How ERB is brewed

Before the individual ingredients are combined in one of these brewing pots, we select the best ingredients available in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany as well as other countries.

Sparkling fresh water

Fortunately, we don’t have to go far for water. It comes to the brewery directly from the Štiavnicke vrchy hills in high quality, sparkling fresh and with ideal hardness.


Malt is mashed and, in ratios that are part of the secret recipe, mixed with water. The brewing process specific for each type of beer takes place in modern pots that represent the heart of the brewery.


The result is the so-called wort. This bitter-sweet liquid with a malt and hoppy smell cools down and aerates and serves as the nutrition for yeast and is the basic material for the further brewing process.

Main fermentation

The prepared wort is pumped into stainless steel tanks located in the brewery’s cellar. Then, brewing yeast produced in our laboratory – which is truly exceptional for a brewery of our size – is added. The process of fermentation starts and lasts 10 days.


Young beer is cooled down, freed of yeast and left to condition for 5 weeks. This is one of the reasons why ERB is exceptional, because we give it exactly the time it deserves.


The quality of water, the technologies and resources used are all integral parts of a good beer.  However, it is the most crucial part that is often overlooked. The precious time itself. The time we devote to our beer, to let it become truly exceptional.

Quality of work

The quality of an honest beer is affected by at least 105 factors. In order to be able to control them, the following must be true—cleanliness, extreme care, educated staff, technological discipline and inspection of the works in a top equipped laboratory. This guarantees that everything that leaves our brewery is of the guaranteed quality.


ERB Braxatoris

A representative of the brewery's exclusive line. A top fermented, unfiltered beer with an amber colour, rich, thick head and aroma with tones of mango and forest berries.

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ERB Ziben

ERB Ziben is a light bright beer, low-alcohol, with only 2.7% vol. alcohol, which smells of apricots, peaches, cherries, but also strawberries and leaves a pleasant, distinctive bitter finish.

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ERB Pale Lager 12 %

The crystal-clear pride of the brewery made of the best types of Slovak hops and malt and unique water from the Štiavnicke vrchy Hills.

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ERB Weizen 12 %

Weizen, also known as “wheat beer”, is the representative combination of traditional procedures and the most recent knowledge in beer brewing.

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ERB Pale Lager 10%

The sparkly jewel of the ERB Brewery with lower alcohol content, pleasant briskness and an unobtrusive hoppy aroma that gradually vanishes on the palate.

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ERB Dark Special 13 %

A dark unfiltered beer with full coffee aroma brewed according to a unique recipe with perfectly balanced bitter and sweet tastes.

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Non-alcoholic ERB

The non-alcoholic ERB captures mainly with its unusual aroma of black currant and nettle.

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Beer Distillate Mordechai

An extravagant bonus from the brewery brewed in cooperation with a distillery. The power of the distillate with an alcohol content of 52 % creates an irresistible contrast to its soft taste and decent hints of hoppy aroma.

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We are extremely proud that with our hard work, resilience and uncompromising emphasis on quality we have managed to capitalise on our 15-year-long experience in the beer-brewing industry and to follow up on the beer-brewing tradition in Banská Štiavnica.

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