The story of the restaurant


The original aim of the restaurant was completely different from what it is today. The owner of the brewery originally intended to create a cosy and comfortable “pub” where people going to work in a suit can sit down in the evening and have a good beer.

The size of the kitchen (2 x 3 metres) was adjusted to this aim. Only two meals were to be offered to guests – Pickled Hermelin Cheese and Pickled Sausages. Right before introducing the concept, the management, however, decided to include more than just two snacks to go with beer. So, the concept of the kitchen switched positively to serving dishes à la carte.

The restaurant together with the kitchen has been led for 5 years by Mária Siváková, daughter of the owner and wife of the brewery’s business director, Ing. Jozef Sivák. The restaurant team, including the kitchen staff, has 14 members, many of whom have been working in the front lines from the very beginning.