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We bring back to beer what it has been stripped of by globalisation.

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From the very beginning it was our main aim to build a brewery that would be unique not only in the Slovak context - a brewery that could produce beer of extraordinary taste and high quality. Read its story told through the most important milestones.

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The brewing process

Before the individual ingredients meet in one of these brewing pots, we select the best ingredients available in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, as well as other countries.

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ERB Braxatoris

A representative of the brewery's exclusive line. A top fermented, unfiltered beer with an amber colour, rich, thick head and aroma with tones of mango and forest berries.

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ERB Ziben

ERB Ziben is a light bright beer, low-alcohol, with only 2.7% vol. alcohol, which smells of apricots, peaches, cherries, but also strawberries and leaves a pleasant, distinctive bitter finish.

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ERB Pale Lager 12 %

The crystal-clear pride of the brewery made of the best types of Slovak hops and malt and unique water from the Štiavnicke vrchy Hills.

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ERB Weizen 12 %

Weizen, also known as “wheat beer”, is the representative combination of traditional procedures and the most recent knowledge in beer brewing.

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ERB Pale Lager 10%

The sparkly jewel of the ERB Brewery with lower alcohol content, pleasant briskness and an unobtrusive hoppy aroma that gradually vanishes on the palate.

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ERB Dark Special 13 %

A dark unfiltered beer with full coffee aroma brewed according to a unique recipe with perfectly balanced bitter and sweet tastes.

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Non-alcoholic ERB

The non-alcoholic ERB captures mainly with its unusual aroma of black currant and nettle.

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Beer Distillate Mordechai

An extravagant bonus from the brewery brewed in cooperation with a distillery. The power of the distillate with an alcohol content of 52 % creates an irresistible contrast to its soft taste and decent hints of hoppy aroma.

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