We respect the special wishes of our guests. That´s why we are happy to organise events tailor-made to your needs.

The restaurant's premises

The restaurant is the upper floor of the building housing our brewery. It is part of the brewing house – the soul of the brewery where the beer brewing process starts. We reveal for the restaurant's guests the otherwise hidden stage of beer brewing – the steeping of malt from bags, the testing of temperatures, wort or wort cooling. That all under full operation of the restaurant. The smell of hops and wort is thus characteristic of our restaurant.


The restaurant interior is divided into the main part of the restaurant with 55 seating places. The atmosphere is enhanced through copper kettles where the beginning of the beer brewing takes place – the boiling process. Part of the restaurant is also a terrace which in summer offers space among the historical walls of old Štiavnica for 20 guests.


The restaurant gradually turns into a lounge with 20 seats which can be completely separated from the rest of the area with sliding doors. That´s how we can offer you privacy in case of a request for a closed event.

Mining room

On the left, right after you enter the building, is the “Mining Room”. This area with a capacity of 30 seats is offered for private dining. The room is equipped similarly to the top restaurant. It is glassed with a technological part of the production with fermentation and conditioning tanks. It also has a bar with a draught tap that we can provide to guests following a short training session on self-service.

Floor plan

Download the layout of our premises and find out if our restaurant fits the needs of your next event.

Download the floor plan

Contact us

In case you are interested in organising a company or private event, contact the restaurant director Ing. Mária Siváková directly by phone number on +421 918 356 744 or by e-mail at .